Lila Ghobadi      لیلا قبادی


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گفتگوی رادیو پیام با لیلا قبادی در هفدهم ژانویه ۲۰۱۰

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Lila Ghobady

Lila Ghobady is an exiled Iranian writer-journalist and documentary filmmaker. She has been involved with human rights (mostly women and religious minorities) since working as a journalist in Iran and continued her work in Canada where she arrived as a refuge in 2002. Before leaving Iran, she also worked as a Producer and Associate Director of internationally-praised underground films alongside fellow exiled filmmaker Moslem Mansouri, who stablished Iranian Underground Cinmea in 2004 . She producedEpitaph in secret, the first documentary ever made about female Iranian sex trade workers. Her recent film Forbidden SunDance is about an Iranian dancer and choreographer who reveals the story of her political exile from Iran after 1979 revoultion when dancing was banned by new Islamic regim. As a freelance journalist, Lila received the tittle of BlogHer of the Week for her review piece on Slumdog Millionaire in March 2009.

Lila’s piece on the recent Iranian (s)election, No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me, was very well received internationally, published in different languages and was linked through various websites, blogs and received over 60 000 hits only in the first day after it was published on the prestigious American leftist website, CommonDreams.

Lila Ghobady has received her Master’s Degree in Canadian/Women’s Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. For more information, you could check out her blog at:

Epitaph ( Moslem Mansouri/Lila Ghobady) The First underground documentary film on Iranian Sex Trade Workers addresses the unbearable life of women sex workers under Islamic Regime of Iran... "Epitaph" leads a frank discussion on the des...