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Nasrin Parvaz       نسرين پرواز


مصاحبه رادیو پیام با نسرين پرواز

You can listen to the interview with Nasrin Parvaz by clicking here or below.


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Nasrin Parvaz

Nasrin Parvaz was born in February 1958 in Tehran. She first came to the UK in 1978, at the age of 20, to study. When the revolution broke out the following year, she returned for a brief visit to her family little realising that it would be 15 years before she would come to Britain again as an exile.

In post-revolutionary Iran she became active in the field of women’s rights and civil rights, as a result of which she was arrested in 1982. She was tortured and sentenced to execution. Her life was saved through the intervention of her father, who managed to get her sentence commuted to imprisonment. She was released in 1990 after spending eight years in prison. You can visit her website at

Interview with PartowTV