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The Call
The Association of Iranian-Canadian Radio Producers for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights in Iran

Vision Statement
The Association of Iranian-Canadian Radio Producers for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights in Iran (The Call) ultimately envisions a unified Iranian media organization that goes beyond national boundaries and the confines of radio. It is envisioned that this organization will independently facilitate an Iranian-led, democratic transition to a secular, pluralist, just, humane, democratic and free society.

Mission Statement
The Call is a independent, non-profit, non-governmental collective of Iranian-Canadian radio producers who despite being different in ideological, cultural, and political belief are united in their support for an Iranian-led opposition against theocracy, inequality, violations of human rights and civil liberties, and undemocratic practices in Iran. The collective 's role is to be open and receptive to all opposition groups and human rights activists, remain independent, be transparent, and collectively engage in the shared goals of research, raising awareness on inequality and rights violations in Iran, and facilitating dialogue on how Iranian-led solutions may be brought about. The collective outreaches to the local and worldwide Iranian community and as a second priority engages in non-Iranian Canadian and global issues.


  • To engage in collaborative research and raising public awareness about human rights abuses, inequality, civil liberties violations, democratic shortcomings in Iran and their causes, including the production of a joint radio program.
  • To engage in advocacy and campaign work (i) to pressure the end of stoning and executions and the immediate release of political prisoners and anyone else who has been unjustly incarcerated in Iran, (ii) in defense of cultural and minority rights in Iran, (iii) to provide a unified voice in defending victims of the Iranian government's rights abuses and achieving reparations for them, and (iv) in relation to issues of significance occurring for Iranians outside of Iran.
  • To publish joint statements on behalf of the Call in response to issues of importance to Iranians and current events in Iran.
  • To facilitate dialogue in relation to practicable, democratic, and Iranian-led solutions for transition to a free, democratic, humane and socially just system of government.
  • To outreach to and engage participation of all in the Iranian or non-Iranian community locally and worldwide who share the goal of an Iranian-led opposition against theocracy, inequality, violation of human rights and civil liberties, and undemocratic practices, without restriction or discrimination on the basis of ideology, culture, or political affiliation or belief.
  • To engage directly with campaigns and events those advance the Call mission and mandate and work with those active in non-radio media who share the same goals of the Call.
  • To promote and facilitate the work of artists who are in basic agreement with the Call mission.

Values and Ethics
The Call's core values consist of:

  1. Independent programming
  2. Research on the issues it engages and fair commentary
  3. Education and dialogue as vital components to democracy
  4. A high threshold for tolerance and equality internally and towards the activist community supporting freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran
  5. Secularism as a necessary component to freedom, democracy, equality and human rights in Iran
  6. Self-determination of Iranians without foreign interference
  7. Cultural diversity in programming


October 10, 2010